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A Message From
Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell – Western New York’s Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper – has come a very long way in a very short period of time since we first launched our Labor News Website back in April 2008. Over the course of time, has become Organized Labor’s only media vehicle across our region, which has allowed dozens of Labor Unions & Organizations the opportunity to not only get their word out - but get it out unimpeded!

As we currently celebrate our fifth year of covering the Western New York Labor Community, is poised for continued growth in 2012 – which will allow Your Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper to not only expand what it offers, but provide our viewers/readers with increased print and video Labor News Coverage from across Western New York that’s not found anywhere else in the local mainstream media.

On that note, it’s our goal to expand our Editorial Staff in the coming months and expand our Western New York Labor Video News Coverage by having our video crew go out into the local Labor Community two to three times a week.

While these are ambitious goals, knows they can be achieved – but only with the help and support of our thousands of viewers and readers across Western New York.

Since we unveiled our new look Labor Newspaper back on Labor Day 2009, has registered more than 10 million Page Views, many coming from throughout Western New York and additional viewers/readers from across the United States.

And that’s why we’re now asking for your personal support.

Many newspapers across the country that offer news on the Internet have begun charging for their news service. According to a recent study conducted nationally by the Pew Research Center for the People & The Press, almost two-thirds of adult Internet users in the United States have paid for access to at least one of several intangible items, including news and videos. The study found that about one-third of respondents say they’ve paid for digital music and computer software. Falling in behind were mobile apps for cell phones or tablet computers at 21%, digital games at 19%, and newspaper, magazine or journal articles at 18%.

The survey also found the typical user who paid for such content spent about $10 a month.

However, some extremely high-end users took part in the survey, including those who revealed they’ve paid as much as $47 a month for content – which includes subscriptions and individual files that were either downloaded or accessed.

For nearly the past four years – has offered its viewers/readers what has essentially been a free Labor News Service - with a heavy emphasis on reporting local Labor News.

But as Your Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper approaches the beginning of our fourth year of operation in April, is now asking for your help and support in the form of an annual subscription commitment of $5 – which is far less than what the PEW Study cites as subscription fees ranging anywhere from $10 to $47 a month.

This subscription revenue, again, will allow to not only continue to grow – but expand to the point of doubling the amount of print stories we offer our viewers/readers on a weekly basis, which currently averages 14 to 19 stories, features and columns.

That’s right Western New York - there is that much Labor News to report on out there across our region that the mainstream media unfortunately continues to ignore – unless, of course, it’s a Labor News Story on a picket line, strike or worse yet, an indictment. hopes that you agree what Your Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper offers is extremely worthwhile and that you will consider making a personal decision to subscribe.

And, is pleased to report that's already happening.

Beginning in December 2010, was invited to address a little more than 30 Union Members represented by Teamsters Local 375.

It gave us the opportunity to not only re-introduce Your Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper to those Teamster Union Members, but make them aware of our growth and where we envision taking in the months to come. also made those Teamsters aware of what we were proposing in terms of subscription support and asked them to consider making a personal decision to do so – if they felt what offered - again - was worthwhile.

At the end of the presentation, Wally Neurer - a 58-year-old truck driver who described himself as “computer illiterate” - stood up, reached into his pocket and gave $5 on the spot - saying that while he was not an “Internet guy,” he saw the worth in what offers and that Labor’s Newspaper “needed to be supported.” was humbled by Neurer’s immediate commitment. It was not our intention to collect subscription commitments at that time, but rather make Union Members aware of how far Your Labor Newspaper has indeed come in such a short period of time. With that said, eight more individual members of Teamsters Local 375 stepped forward, each reaching into their pockets and pulling out $5 bills to make their subscriber commitments.

Days later, addressed the Executive Board and Union Membership of CWA (Communications Workers of America) Local 1133 - making the same presentation.

Then Local 1133 President Peggy Chadwick-Ledwon and Executive Board Member Mary Gavin both made subscription payments that evening. In fact, Gavin told us that she reads “several times a week,” and was so supportive that she added she was going to make an "additional donation" and would subscribe for her two sons - who are both Union Members, but who live and work outside of Buffalo.

Over the course of time, as many as 10 Western New York Labor Unions have either underwritten their entire Memberships - leading the way with International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 17 underwriting its entire 2,000 Membership - or underwritten a good portion of their overall Memberships.

Again, is humbled by the immediate reaction we received.

It’s not been our wish to ask any supportive Labor Union across Western New York to considering raising member dues to cover’s subscription cost or institute a “special assessment” for its membership. Instead, believes it means more if individual Union Members and all our individual viewers/readers made that decision on their own to support us by subscribing.

If you believe what provides is both worthwhile, positive and needed, Your Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper asks you to make the same one-year subscription commitment of $5. You can do so - right now - by charging it to any credit card through the secured form that’s provided within this linked page.

Again, would like to Thank You in advance for your support of Your Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper. looks forward to future growth with your support and becoming an even more powerful voice for Organized Labor across our Western New York Region in the months and years to come.

Thank You,

Tom Campbell