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Condé Nast Union Wins Card Count And Becomes Official

Published Monday, September 19, 2022
by New York City AFL-CIO Central Labor Council News
Condé Nast Union Wins Card Count And Becomes Official

(NEW YORK CITY) - Condé Union Members have won their card count and now officially have been recognized as a Union. 

As such, they say: the era of “prestige paying the bills” is over.

The Union released the following statement on Twitter:

This card count is the formal recognition of our Union, though we’ve been acting like one since day one.

Our 500+ Members and our 15K public petition supporters have helped us reach this milestone.

After 5+ months of relentless organizing efforts, our card count showed that we reached a supermajority of Condé Employees who have signed on to our Union.

We won in a landslide!

Most excitingly, our Permalancers who have been at Condé for over a year now have official Union protections.

The incredible @newyorkerunion paved the way for this win!

But while winning a card check and being voluntarily recognized is a massive victory, it is also the beginning of the next chapter of our fight: bargaining.

We’re ready to fight for job security, better benefits, and higher wages.

We are finally joining our @newyorkerunion, @p4kunion, @ars_union, and @wiredunion colleagues in having a say in our working conditions.

We’ve fought hard to get to this point, and every last Employee deserves to celebrate our historic accomplishment of unionizing Condé Nast.


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