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International Association Of Heat And Frost Insulators Holds Advanced Pads, Metal Layout 'Train-The-Trainer' Courses

Published Thursday, August 4, 2022
by The Insulators International Staff
International Association Of Heat And Frost Insulators Holds Advanced Pads, Metal Layout 'Train-The-Trainer' Courses

(CHICAGO, ILLINOIS) – Earlier this year, more than a dozen Local JATC Training Coordinators and Instructors attended the International Association Of Heat And Frost Insulators (IAHFI) Advanced Pad Development and Advanced Metal Layout Train-the-Trainers courses at Local 17’s Training Center in Chicago.

The two courses were offered by the International Apprenticeship and Training Fund (IIIATF) to help train the next generation of Mechanical Insulator Instructors.

Over the years, one trend in the Mechanical Insulation industry has been the demand for sewn removable blankets over blankets made with the use of mechanical fasteners.

The reusability and long-term cost savings have proven valuable to end users.

In 2011, the IIIATF Trustees approved the first Advanced Pad Development Train-the-Trainer Class - and since then, the IIIATF course has trained more than 100 Instructors who’ve gone on to influence the training of thousands of Union Insulators.

IIIATF Administrator John Stahl spoke on the importance of the Advanced Pad Development Train-the-Trainer course: “With skilled Instructors passing their newly learned skills on to Local Union Apprentices and Mechanics, we can gain a greater market share of the blanket work.  I must say, none of this would have been possible without the dedication of the Local Union Training Coordinators and Instructors who teach the course.” 

Local 17 Training Coordinator Robert McGuckin and Instructor Ashley Margentina taught the Advanced Pad Development classes, while Local 17 Instructors Shawn Craven and Ben Frank instructed the Advanced Metal Layout class.

They had nothing but positive things to say about each class.

“As an Instructor, there’s nothing more rewarding than passing on the knowledge and techniques to my peers that has been given to me from the past generation of Insulators, who paved the way for our industry,” Craven said.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with like-minded Instructors from around the country,” added Frank. “The exchange of techniques and ideas benefits all who attend and every year we gather more and different styles.  I feel blessed to be part of a class that helps to further our trade’s development.”

These are not the type of classes where the curriculum has been set and is repeated year after year.

New teaching tips, tricks and techniques are added regularly.

There are many new methods and ways that both the Instructors and class attendees learn from each other every year.

“I have always been amazed by the passion that both the Instructors and students bring,” Stahl said. “The thirst for knowledge in learning new layouts and teaching methods has been contagious.”

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