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From The Hospitality & Catering Industry: Apprenticeships ‘Can Help Turn The Tide On Staff Retention Rates’

Published Tuesday, May 24, 2022
From The Hospitality & Catering Industry: Apprenticeships ‘Can Help Turn The Tide On Staff Retention Rates’

HIT Training’s latest research shows how misconceptions around Apprenticeships could be impacting their potential to fix industry-wide Staff retention problems.

Two-thirds of the Hospitality Operators and Caterers reading this will have experienced problems with Staff retention since 2020.

Last year was very much categorized as the Great Resignation of 2021, with many in the Hospitality Sector tempted away to other industries offering flexible work-from-home benefits and more sociable working hours.

So, how can the sector transform 2022 into the Year of Retention?

Our research, which forms part of a new toolkit for hospitality businesses, shows Apprenticeships could be the answer.

Promoting more training opportunities at every level and considering flexible training options will not only attract the best talent into the sector, but will also help retain ambitious Employees within companies that help them to thrive.

In fact, our insights show that nearly 80% of people in the sector would accept a job if it offered the prospect of doing an Apprenticeship to develop their skills.

In terms of the value Apprenticeships can add to a business, almost 90% of Hospitality Employees say they would be more likely to stay in a role if their employer invested in their training from the outset.

There is a misconception Apprenticeships are a linear or formulaic approach to training, when in fact new flexible options can work around individual business and Apprentice needs to ensure all parties get the most out of the efforts.

Take front-loaded training for example.

This allows businesses to provide more training up-front, meaning Apprentices can hit the ground running when certain skills are required from day one on the job.

Furthermore, with 70% of Industry Employees stating they would be more willing to start an Apprenticeship or training course if they could condense it into a shorter period, accelerated Apprenticeships also offer a great route.

By accounting for specific business needs or skills that an Employee already possesses, elements of the program can speed up.

Allowing Apprenticeships to work around the Employee’s and business’ wants and needs, could see more fruitful efforts both in Staff satisfaction, helping to assist with retention concerns, and a greater benefit to the enterprise.

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