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State Of Florida Education Department ‘Pushes’ Apprenticeships

Published Tuesday, April 12, 2022
by Team
State Of Florida Education Department ‘Pushes’ Apprenticeships

(TALLAHASSE, FLORIDA) – Continuing an effort by State Leaders to bolster workforce education in Florida, the state Department of Education is holding a series of “Apprenticeship accelerator” events through May.

The events are focused on providing employers with information on what are known as Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

“Registered Apprenticeship Programs enable employers to develop and apply industry standards to training programs for Registered Apprentices that can increase productivity and improve the quality of the workforce,” said Cassie Palelis, Press Secretary for the Education Department.

Each event is centered on Apprenticeship Programs in specific industries.

For example, an event scheduled for April 27th in Tallahassee will provide information about Registered Apprenticeships in the Health Care Industry.

On May 18th, an event in Miami Lakes will focus on Transportation-Industry Apprenticeships.

“Registered Apprenticeship accelerator events move a business through the beginning registration process and explain the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship programs,” Palelis said.

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