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“Strengthening The Workforce” Through Registered Apprenticeships Is A “Top’ Priority” - State Of Pennsylvania’s Apprenticeship & Training Department ‘Underscores Importance Of Vocational Training’

Published Wednesday, October 6, 2021
by Pete Marienthal/
“Strengthening The Workforce” Through Registered Apprenticeships Is A “Top’ Priority” - State Of Pennsylvania’s Apprenticeship & Training Department ‘Underscores Importance Of Vocational Training’

(WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA)The importance of Vocational Training was recently emphasized by the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Department during an event held at PMF Industries, Incorporated in Williamsport.

“Strengthening the workforce is a top priority for the Administration (of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf), which is doubling efforts to support business in Pennsylvania,” said Tara Loew, who serves as the Director of the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Department (ATO).

“Registered Apprenticeship Programs like (the one offered by) PMF Industries allow Workers to complete their education and earn a living while learning valuable work skills.  These opportunities are my opportunity in today’s economy.  A pipeline of highly skilled Employees, not just our workforce,” Loew said.

Registered Apprenticeship Programs are used to create a more productive, diverse and highly-skilled workforce and reduce Employee turnover.

This program provides job seekers with nationally recognized qualifications to help them improve their skills and support future career advancement and wage increases.

Pennsylvania’s Ministry of Labor and Industry was founded in early 2016.  There are 873 individual program sponsors and 1,587 Registered Apprenticeship Programs, Vocational or Trade additions, and 17,483 active Registered Apprenticeships across The Commonwealth.

During the event at PMF Industries, ATO Director Loew spoke with several Apprentices who operated CNC machines and performed heat treatment, laser cutting and welding as part of the company’s manufacturing process.

PMF Industries is an employment partner at Keystone Central School District Career and Technology Center and a sponsor of the CNC Operator and Programmer Registration Apprentice Program Group.

This program is part of an Apprenticeship Consortium of five local high schools offering the program: CPI for Williamsport High School; Jersey Shore High School; Keystone Central; New Berlin’s Sun Area Tech; Belfonte and other Williamsport regional manufacturers.

The consortium is coordinating strategic partners to create a route from pre-registered Apprentices to Registered Apprentices through the CTC system.

“Manufacturing is not only a technology innovation, but also a human innovation.  Technical centers and high schools create a path for students to start their careers in manufacturing.  An Apprenticeship Program in machining, tools and manufacturing technology not only provides individuals with skills and education, but also a reliable and dedicated workforce for our community,” said Sam Shea, the Human Resources Manager at PMF Industries.

PMF Industries is a precision metal molding company that serves a variety of industries including aerospace, military, energy, filtration and food processing equipment. The company also serves the medical, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper industries.

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