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Finding Trained Construction Carpenters ‘Despite’ The Labor Shortage

Published Wednesday, September 29, 2021
by Carpenter Contractor Trust
Finding Trained Construction Carpenters ‘Despite’ The Labor Shortage

(UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND) - When developing and bidding on a construction project, you need to know how you will complete the work and who you will hire to do itWithout a professional workforce, your project will not be on time and within budget, leaving you in disarray.  Union-trained Carpenters help bring order to the process.

Construction executives - developers, builders and contractors - should consider Union Carpenters for their projects who’ve completed a four-year Apprenticeship Program at the Mid-Atlantic Carpenters Training Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Hiring Union Carpenters brings knowledge, productivity, flexibility and a safety-first mentality to the project.

Union carpenters complete a four-year Apprenticeship that consists of classroom instruction and on-the-job training.

The Union maintains a rigorous screening process and candidates who competed for the slots are motivated to do well and complete their training.

After acceptance, they do not pay for training and earn a salary as they learn.

It’s a path that provides a great education - without the debt.

However, it doesn’t end with the Apprenticeship Program.

The training center also offers continued training and certification updates for their Carpenters.

The Mid-Atlantic Training Center provides opportunity for Union Carpenters to upgrade their skills and learn about advances in the construction industry.

“Today’s young people are more creative about choosing a career path that veers from the typical four-year college approach,” Mid-Atlantic Carpenters Training Center Director Robert Eaton said. “Instead, they’re looking for a career that will offer a job almost immediately.  They want a respectable wage.  Most importantly, they want to separate themselves from many in the workforce by acquiring a high-level skill they can use and they want to avoid the burden of debt. It’s the difference between asking how to find a job and asking: ‘When do I start?’”

The training programs are flexible and can meet the demands of a job.

For example, at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic last year, Union Carpenters created an on-line safety course: The COVID-19 Preparedness Qualifications course provided measures and guidance to Union Carpenters who continued to work on projects that met COVID restrictions.

As a result, thousands of Union Carpenters across the country became qualified contributing to an effort at reducing possible transmission.

What makes these highly-trained Carpenters appealing to construction managers and executives is the breadth of skills they bring to the job.

They have experts available in general carpentry, floor covering, interior systems, Lathers, Millworks and Cabinet Makers, Millwrights, Pile Drivers and residential and framing.

Construction executives are familiar with the labor shortage in the industry.

Unfortunately, finding the trained talent is a difficult task.

And when you do find help, sometimes it is no more than “here today, gone tomorrow.”

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