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The Center For Biological Diversity Recognizes Employee Union After Card Check Count - Workers ‘Go Union’ With The Communications Workers Of America

Published Tuesday, August 24, 2021
by Labor News Services
The Center For Biological Diversity Recognizes Employee Union After Card Check Count - Workers ‘Go Union’ With The Communications Workers Of America

(TUCSON, ARIZONA) - The Center for Biological Diversity has recognized its new Employee Union - Workers for Biological Diversity/Communications Workers of America (CWA),   following a card count that showed 68% of the eligible Workers support joining the Union.

Workers at the National Conservation Organization announced the formation of their Union in mid-June, in partnership with CWA Local 9415.

Center leadership pledged to voluntarily recognize the Union if a majority of Workers signed cards supporting Union Membership.

The new union includes Paralegals and Lawyers, Organizers, Media Specialists, Scientists, Membership, Development and IT Staff.

“Joining the Labor Movement makes the Center for Biological Diversity an even stronger advocate for threatened communities, wildlife and wild places.  At this pivotal moment for our planet, we’re standing with Workers against big polluters and other powerful interests,” the Workers for Biological Diversity Organizing Committee said. “We’re stronger when we band together.  And we want to thank our partners at the Communications Workers of America for helping us elevate and amplify our work.”

Jean Su, a member of the Center’s Executive Conservation Team, said: “Since the Center’s beginning, we’ve stood alongside the Labor Movement to fight pollution, dangerous working conditions and corporate attacks on the environment, human health and the climate.  Such collaboration is more important than ever as we face a climate emergency and the need to shift from a dirty economy to one with good-paying, Unionized renewable energy jobs.  We support and empower every person who works at the Center and we look forward to partnering with Workers for Biological Diversity as we continue this vital work for all people and the planet.”

The Center’s new Union is part of a growing Unionization trend among Workers at environmental and other non-profit organizations, including the Sunrise Movement, the Sierra Club,, the Defenders of Wildlife, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union.

“We’re very pleased to welcome these new members to CWA Local 9415,” CWA Local 9415 President Decovan “Coby” Rhem said. “As a Local Union that has long worked to join our movement with those working in progressive nonprofits to create systemic changes, we see the Workers for Biological Diversity/CWA as an important addition to our CWA Family, in particularly strengthening our commitment to supporting the work of environmental justice and to oppose climate change.”

The Center for Biological Diversity is based in Tucson, Arizona and has offices throughout the country and in Mexico.

Its conservation programs include Endangered Species, Environmental Health, Oceans, Public Lands, Carnivore Conservation, Urban Wildlands, Population and Sustainability, International, Energy Justice, Environmental Equity and Justice, Government Affairs and the Climate Law Institute.

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