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Techs Employed At UP Health System-Marquette ‘Go Union’ –-Vote To Join The Michigan Nurses Association

Published Tuesday, July 27, 2021
by Staff
Techs Employed At UP Health System-Marquette ‘Go Union’ –-Vote To Join The Michigan Nurses Association

(MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN) - Techs employed at UP Health System-Marquette have voted to form a Union with the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA), the organization announced: 92% voted Union Yes in a 159-to-13 count.

“By voting to form a union, we have won a voice and we want to use that voice to advocate for our community.  We are ready to speak up for each other and for what our patients need,” Katlyn Lafrinere, a Cardiovascular Radiologic Technologist, said. 

This is the third facility of Health Care Workers in the Upper Peninsula that has voted to Unionize with the MNA since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Nurses at Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital and Health Care Professionals at the Chippewa County Health Department both successfully voted to join MNA within the past year.

“The past year of COVID crisis has really brought us together and shown us how much stronger we are when we are united,” Kerri Beckman, a Medical Technologist said. “We all need each other to keep moving forward.  With a Union, we will be able to retain quality Employees to make sure that we can always provide the kind of patient care our community deserves.”

Unionized Marquette Techs will be joining 400 Registered Nurses (RNs) at UPHS-Marquette who are also members of the MNA.

“We are thrilled to welcome techs at UPHS-Marquette into our Union,” MNA President Jamie Brown, who is an RN, said. “We know that we are strongest when we are united together.”

Stephanie DePetro, an RN who serves as MNA Vice President and who is also President of the Local Bargaining Unit of MNA Nurses at UPHS Marquette, said: “We are so excited that the Techs at our hospital have won a collective voice.  MNA Nurses and Techs will not be afraid to speak up together to advocate for the well-being and safety of our patients.”

Negotiations for a first contract for Marquette Techs are expected to begin soon.

The contract for Nurses will expire in less than a year.

MNA said previously Nurses had to go on Strike in order to win a fair contract from UPHS-Marquette.

Both Nurses and Techs say that they hope UPHS will not push them to that point during their respective contract negotiations.

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