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Federally-Supported Apprenticeship Programs ‘Are Coming: Are You Ready?’

Published Sunday, April 25, 2021
by Nicholas Wyman-HR Expert Contributor/
Federally-Supported Apprenticeship Programs ‘Are Coming: Are You Ready?’

Apprenticeships are a hot topic at the White House.

A lot is in the works for these types of programs.

So, if you don’t want to miss the boat, here’s how to steer your company’s first Apprenticeship Program to take advantage of Federal support – and you won’t need to go it alone.

So, what’s the big deal about Apprenticeships, the learn-while-you-earn programs that prepare a talent pipeline for companies of all sizes?

They feature in-built mentoring that develops Apprentices’ credentials and the training is customized to what employers need.

Apprenticeships also help Workers to earn $300,000 more (including benefits) over their work-life compared to their peers who didn’t graduate from college, according to a Mathematica study.

The Biden Administration is expected to create about one million new Apprenticeship opportunities - assuming the passage of the bipartisan National Apprenticeship Act of 2021.

Recently, the President stopped accepting and reviewing new or pending applications from entities keen to start an industry-recognized Apprenticeship Program, a system that began in 2017.

The White House says such programs would “threaten to undermine Registered Apprenticeship Programs.”

And, thanks to the Biden Administration’s focus on diversity, we should expect Apprenticeship Programs to open doors for women and People of Color, in traditionally white-male sectors such as construction and the Building Trades.

In early April, Biden announced he’d allocate $48 million towards workforce development, through Pre-Apprenticeship and new Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

These hinge on his $2-trillion-plus Infrastructure and Climate Plan, with another plan due out soon, too.

The diversity focus means the President is making it easier for companies to tap into the benefits of a more diverse workforce.

Even the World Economic Forum highlights the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

These include higher revenue and innovation levels, being more attractive to millennial and female workers, as well as being able to meld different perspectives into the way the business operates.

It’s all part of the American Jobs Plan.

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