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Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Apprenticeship Program Grows To Include More Careers

Published Thursday, March 25, 2021
by The Aiken (South Carolina) Post And Courier
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Apprenticeship Program Grows To Include More Careers

(SAVANNAH, SOUTH CAROLINA) - High school and college graduates, and unemployed and underemployed adults, are taking charge of their future careers through the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Registered (SRNS) Apprenticeship Program at the Savannah River Site (SRS).

Seven paid Apprentice profiles have been registered with the Department of Labor: Facility/Production Operators, Software Engineers, Records Management Clerks, Process Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Computer Systems Support and Maintenance Mechanics.

“We have several important missions to fulfill, involving the protection of our Nation and the cleanup of Cold War-era waste sites, as the management and operations contractor at SRS,” said Sean Alford, SRNS Executive Vice President and Chief of Administration.

“And, we have a need to fill a wide range of job pipelines with enthusiastic candidates, to safely and securely accomplish all of this for the Department of Energy,” he said. 

According to Alford, since SRNS employs more than 7,000 Workers, the company needs a vast range of candidates and job skills.

“We have six more Apprentice profiles in the works, to include: Electrical and Instrumentation Mechanics; Project Controls Personnel; Fire Protection Engineers; Radcon Inspectors; Supply Chain Management Resource Employees; and Associate Chemical Management Center Analysts - and the list is growing,” SRNS talent management Janessa Smith said.

“Without a doubt, the credentials you earn as a Registered Apprentice are invaluable.  In fact, depending on the profile you pursue, you can be accepted into our program with zero experience.  We will provide all the training you need.  At which point, you now own a portable credential proving you can do the work for any company needing that skillset,” she said.

As an example, Smith mentioned the Apprentice profile for Maintenance Mechanics.

For this Apprenticeship, no previous experience or training is required.

These positions can be found (beginning March 16th) by visiting BrassRing on-line at

Once on the website, select the “Careers” tab, then click “Apply Now” to be directed to the BrassRing portal.

Openings for all Apprenticeship positions at SRNS can be found and applied for at this location as they become available.

An SRNS Apprentice enjoys several advantages at SRS.

In addition to being paid, Apprentices gain job experience, network to obtain references and have an opportunity to test drive an occupation offered by SRNS. 

“It’s not unusual for us to offer full-time jobs to apprentices, upon completion - or even before - they complete the program,” said Smith. “We’ve recently modified company policy to make this possible.”

According to Smith, typically, most Apprentices work while obtaining an occupation certificate or degree from a local technical college or university.

In some instances, high school students may qualify for the Apprenticeship Program.

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