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From Our Union Friends ‘Across The Pond’ - Here’s 10 ‘Very Good Reasons Why Now’s The Time’ For Workers To Join A Trade Union

Published Sunday, January 3, 2021
From Our Union Friends ‘Across The Pond’ - Here’s 10 ‘Very Good Reasons Why Now’s The Time’ For Workers To Join A Trade Union

The Coronavirus crisis has put so many of us in difficult situations.

We’re concerned about keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and increasingly uncertain about our jobs and bank balances.

Whether you’re furloughed, worried about your income security, a key Worker, being asked by your employer to head back to work, or working uncomfortably from home, Trade Unions can help us when times are tough.

Here are 10 reasons why there has never been better time to join a Union:

  1. Workplaces with active Trade Unions are associated with lower injuries and lower rates of ill-health.  As more and more workplaces re-open the best protection you can have is the expertise, guidance and support of your Trade Union and their expert Health and Safety Reps.
  2. Union Members are likely to have a more secure job and at a time of unparalleled economic insecurity this is more important than ever.  This is because Workplace Union Representatives have your back and help you win fairer contracts.
  3. Union Members are more likely to have better Sick Pay.  Those that have had COVID-19 symptoms have had to self-isolate and many of us may have to in the future.  Sick Pay is vital to making sure we can isolate safely and not end up out of pocket for doing the right thing.
  4. As a Union Member you are more likely to have more control over your working hours.  This is vital at a time of new and challenging ways of working, whether because of care responsibilities, changeable working hours or shifting commuting patterns.
  5. Workers in Unionized workplaces get paid around 6.5% more than Workers in similar Non-Unionized workplaces.  
  6. Unionized workplaces also have smaller pay gaps - meaning Women are more likely to get paid the same as Men for doing the same or similar work.  We cannot allow this economic disruption to be an excuse to delay closing the Gender Pay Gap.
  7. Unions provide access to legal advice on employment matters and can represent you at any employment tribunal.  They support and represent you if you are a victim of workplace discrimination, harassment or bullying.
  8. Trade Unions are good for the economy as a whole - with collective bargaining associated with higher productivity.  Good industrial relations, where Union Members and Reps are properly consulted and valued, are good for everyone.
  9. We achieve more together than we do alone.  This is bigger than us as individuals - by joining a Union you support your Colleagues and Workers across the country.  By joining a Union you promote solidarity and equality.  Divided we beg, united we bargain.  As we rebuild our economy and society, we need to ensure those Working People who have been undervalued and underpaid for far too long get a fair slice of the pie.
  10. Trade Unions have proven their worth during this crisis.  It’s Trade Unions who are making sure thousands of Workers don’t get laid off during this crisis.  In retail, health care, catering, building and beyond, Union Representatives are sorting safety measures like protective equipment, hand washing facilities and enough space to social distance - but we can’t rest until every Worker does their job in safe and fair conditions, and the more Members Trade Unions have, the more power they’ll have when negotiating in our workplaces and with our government.

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