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Five Rochester Union Women Highlighted In Rochester Woman Online Magazine!

Published Friday, December 18, 2020
by Rochester Woman Online Magazine
Five Rochester Union Women Highlighted In Rochester Woman Online Magazine!

(ROCHESTER, NEW YORK) - We just finished an election many people considered the election of their lifetime and at the same time most of us are happy our Social Media accounts and televisions are now free of election ads but one thing candidates emphasized in those ads was any endorsement received from a Labor Union.

Rochester Woman Online decided to investigate the thinking behind the endorsement of candidates by Unions.  

To do this, we approached five (5) incredible women who are members of different Unions: Candace Rubin, Kendall Bell, Montina Scott, Christine Kinsman and Maria Fisher.

The women hold different positions in their Unions, but they all agreed that the most important items for selecting and promoting a candidate are the candidate’s ethics and platform.

Once the Union decides to help a candidate’s run for office, these women work with Union Members to provide that support.

Union Members can help the candidates introduce themselves to the voters he or she hopes to serve by bringing campaign literature to the homes of district voters.

Sometimes a financial contribution is made to the candidate’s campaign fund and there is the promise of Union Member votes.

It is easy to see why a candidate would hope to be endorsed by a Union.

But what is in it for the Union?

Certainly, they hope for an elected official with a friendly attitude toward Labor Unions and Labor in general.

It turns out though, that somewhat cynical view is unfair to these Union Women.

As Rochester Woman Online spoke with these Union Reps, we realized that while their obligation was to their Union Members, they also had a strong commitment to their communities.

As so often happens, as we spoke with them, their stories and their Union work were more compelling than their political activism.

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