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The Alliance For American Manufacturing’s Plan To Create 6.9 Million To 12.9 Million New Jobs by 2024

Published Monday, November 23, 2020
by Scott Paul/Alliance For American Manufacturing
The Alliance For American Manufacturing’s Plan To Create 6.9 Million To 12.9 Million New Jobs by 2024

COVID-19 shocked the U.S. economy and made clear the U.S. needs to ramp up production of critical goods.

Here’s how we make things better.

It’s an entirely predictable sequence: Every four years, national political figures will find their way to Industrial Battleground States such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and proceed to extol the virtues of factory jobs.

Some economists and idealogues will then dismiss the political rhetoric as nostalgic and unrealistic pandering.

I welcome the attention this issue receives and am happy to joust with the skeptics, because I know just how important manufacturing is to the health of our Nation.

And if the United States enacts a bold industrial policy to strengthen this critical sector, every single state will see millions of new manufacturing jobs.

To find out just how many, we asked our partners at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) to estimate the job impacts of some specific policies that we have consistently called for over the past dozen years: Investing in infrastructure; Positioning America as a clean energy manufacturing leader; and taking steps to slash our manufacturing trade deficit through competitiveness measures, trade enforcement, better trade agreements, and a careful shift in the value of the dollar.

The results are stunning.

As a Nation, we stand to gain 6.9 million to 12.9 million jobs by 2024, including 2.5 million in manufacturing alone.

Every state and the District of Columbia would see jobs gainswith key industrial states making the top 10 as a share of total state employment, including Wisconsin (6.16%, 181,000 new jobs), Indiana (5.95%, 185,900), Iowa (5.91%, 94,500 jobs), Michigan (5.55%, 251,200 jobs) and Ohio (5.51%, 302,400 jobs).

Such a plan couldn’t come at a better time.

There is a growing consensus that our dependence on China and other nations for critical goods is dangerous.

Thanks to decades of off-shoring, Health Care Professionals, First Responders and other Essential Workers are still facing shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like N-95 respirator masks - and there are lingering questions as to whether the United States can effectively ramp up production to successfully deploy a potential COVID vaccine.

Some of this critical production must return to the United States, but it’s also become abundantly clear that growth built on stock market gains, App development, and gig jobs widens inequality, hollows out the Middle Class and forces many American families into poverty and bankruptcy.

Manufacturing jobs can bolster the Middle Class and reduce these inequities, as they tend to pay better than other private sector jobs that don’t require a four-year college degree and come with better benefits.

Investments in infrastructure are long overdue.

Our roads, bridges, electric grid, water systems, schools, ports and even broadband are no longer world class.

In fact, their neglect is eroding our competitiveness and quality of life.

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