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Looking Back At The Results Of The 2020 Presidential Election - A Labor Perspective From Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation President Richard Lipsitz

Published Wednesday, November 18, 2020
by WNYALF President Richard Lipsitz
Looking Back At The Results Of The 2020 Presidential Election - A Labor Perspective From Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation President Richard Lipsitz Editor’s Note: Richard Lipsitz is President of the Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation (WNYALF), whose Regional Labor Federation’s 140 affiliated Local Unions combine to represent 145,000 Union Workers in the Public and Private Sectors and the Building Trades.


It is now more than two weeks since November 3rd and the end of voting in the 2020 election.

Much of the vote count in the 2020 election was accomplished through absentee and early voting. 

In particular, the Coronavirus Pandemic increased absentee voting as millions of people decided to vote by mail instead of in person.

Millions more voted early, and of course same day voting also took place.

All these methods were legal and accepted methods of exercising the franchise accorded every citizen of this country.

Further, the total number of votes far exceeded any election in the history of the United States.

The outcome of the election for President resulted in the rejection of the Trump candidacy.

Donald Trump was soundly defeated by an electoral count of 306-to-232 - and by a popular vote of nearly 80 million votes for Biden/Harris to about 74 million for Trump/Pence.

This marks only the third time since 1976 that an incumbent President lost a bid for re-election.

The defeat of Trump is a victory for the Working People of this country.

It is a rejection of his program, his ideology and of him personally.

We should rejoice in this result.

The majority of the American People have said to the entire world that we do not want four more years of ultra-nationalism, denial of science, threats to our living standards and working conditions, and ugly racism.

Unfortunately, Inauguration Day is still over eight weeks away.

Trump has refused to concede.

He has an army of lawyers and Republican operatives trying to reverse the results of the election.

He is standing in the way of a scientific approach to fighting the pandemic.

He is obstructing the Biden/Harris transition.

It is a shameful show of petulance and reactionary behavior.

His obstructionist position comes adorned with lies, rumors and nasty innuendo.

It is exactly for this reason that he was defeated in his bid for a second term.

Because of the stance he has taken, we must remain vigilant.

We must insist that the will of the American People be respected.

We cannot take this threat without grave concern.

As a result, the National AFL-CIO has asked the Labor Movement, including the Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation, to be prepared to call our combined Membership and our allies to engage in concerted actions to stop a Trumpian overthrow of the results of the 2020 election.

Stay engaged and keep up the pressure to insure the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20th.

Furthermore, we are heeding the call of our national leadership to engage in the Senate races in Georgia to be held on January 5th.

At stake is the control of the U.S. Senate and a further rejection of the Right-Wing Republican agenda.

We will be sending out appeals for volunteers in this election in the days to come.


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