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President-Elect Biden’s Plan For ‘Strengthening’ Unions

Published Wednesday, November 11, 2020
by The Biden For President Web Site &
President-Elect Biden’s Plan For ‘Strengthening’ Unions Editor’s Note: President-Elect Joe Biden’s plan for strengthening Unions – from Worker Organizing to encouraging and incentivizing Union Organizing and Collective Bargaining to checking the abuse of corporate power over Labor, can be found in greater deal on his website: On-Line Labor Newspaper encourages all Union Members to visit his site in order to learn more.


Strong Unions built the great American Middle Class.

Everything that defines what it means to live a good life and know you can take care of your family - the 40-hour work-week, paid leave, health care protections, a voice in your workplace - is because of Workers who organized Unions and fought for Worker protections.

Because of organizing and collective bargaining, there used to be a basic bargain between Workers and their employers in this country that when you work hard, you share in the prosperity your work created.

Today, however, there’s a war on Organizing, Collective Bargaining, Unions and Workers.

It’s been raging for decades and it has gotten worse with Donald Trump in the White House.

Republican Governors and state legislatures across the country have advanced Anti-Worker Legislation to undercut the Labor Movement and collective bargaining.

States have decimated the rights of Public Sector Workers - who, unlike Private Sector Workers, do not have Federal protections ensuring their freedom to organize and collectively bargain.

In the private sector, corporations are using profits to buy back their own shares and increase CEOs’ compensation instead of investing in their Workers and creating more good-quality jobs.

The results have been predictable: Rising income inequality; Stagnant real wages; The loss of pensions; Exploitation of workers; and a Weakening of Workers’ voices in our society.

Biden has proposed a plan to grow a stronger, more inclusive Middle Class - the backbone of the American Economy - by strengthening Public and Private Sector Unions and helping all Workers bargain successfully for what they deserve

As President, Biden will check the abuse of corporate power over Labor and hold corporate executives personally accountable for violations of Labor Laws, encourage and incentivize Unionization and Collective Bargaining, and ensure Workers are treated with dignity and receive the pay, benefits and workplace protections they deserve.

This plan is a critical addition to Biden’s proposals to ensure all Workers have access to quality, affordable health care, to guarantee all Workers are able to send their children to quality public schools and have access to universal pre-kindergarten, to provide education and training beyond high school, including Federally Registered Apprenticeships, to support a clean energy revolution that creates millions of Unionized Middle Class jobs, and to meet our commitment to invest first in American Workers and ensure Labor is at the table to negotiate every trade deal.

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