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The United Steelworkers Call On Pennsylvania & Other States To Vote In The November Election With A Unique Projected "Bat-Light" Campaign

Published Friday, September 18, 2020
by Amanda Waltz/The Pittsburgh City Paper
The United Steelworkers Call On Pennsylvania & Other States To Vote In The November Election With A Unique Projected

(PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA) - The United Steelworkers (USW) is making a superhero-sized statement about voting with a new campaign in Pennsylvania and other battleground states.

The USW has launched a night-time campaign to project giant messages in support of Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden and his Vice-Presidential pick, Kamala Harris.

Between now and Election Day, the outdoor projection, dubbed the “Bat-Light” after the famed Bat-Signal used to call Gotham's Caped Crusader, will appear on various buildings throughout Pennsylvania, as well as in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The Union, which represents 850,000 Workers across a wide swath of industries, is using the Bat-Light to encourage Workers to vote in the upcoming general election.

It will also be used to spotlight (pun intended) “how elections and politics impact Workers and their communities.”

Social media posts showed the projection on the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning in Oakland - a location that makes sense, as Oakland is the hub for many local Higher EducationHealth Care and Library Workers who previously organized with the USW.   

The Bat-Light is also appearing in other parts of the city, including in the North Side and Downtown.

The larger-than-life Bat-Light approach reinforces the organization's support for Biden and Harris over the incumbent – Republican President Donald Trump, who USW International President Tom Conway says has done little to benefit Union Workers.

"USW Members across the country ‘are familiar with the consequences of the broken promises they have endured for the last four years,’" Conway said. "(Trump) ‘claims to have saved jobs, but his failed policies are responsible for hastening the loss of manufacturing employment.’"

Conway adds that, in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Bat-Light seemed like a perfect way to engage with a large number of people - while still adhering to safety precautions.

"Even though the pandemic ‘has changed and, in many ways, limited our opportunities to interact with each other, we still want to make sure everyone's making a plan to vote,’" Conway said.

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