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“We Are The American Worker - We Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires” – New Video ‘Praises Work’ Of Those Employed At 120-Year-Old WNY Manufacturer, Featuring Doug Maggione, A United Steelworker Who’s Worked There 27 Years

Published Monday, July 20, 2020
by Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell
“We Are The American Worker - We Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires” – New Video ‘Praises Work’ Of Those Employed At 120-Year-Old WNY Manufacturer, Featuring Doug Maggione, A United Steelworker Who’s Worked There 27 Years

(TONAWANDA, NEW YORK) – A new promotional video on Dunlop and its brand of motorcycle tires made here in Western New York is making the rounds on Social Media and bringing a smile to the face of Doug Maggione and his Union - United Steelworkers (USW) Local 135L, whose Members work at the Tonawanda Plant and are helping bring about “another exceptional American comeback.”

The nearly two-minute-long video ( caught the eye of after it was posted on Facebook by USW Local 135L President Thomas O’Shei, who told Your On-Line Newspaper: “It was ‘very positive and it did make me proud.’  We are the ‘only’ motorcycle tire manufacturer ‘in the United States and a lot of our (Members’) hands go on them.’”

“The ‘benefits of this video are two-fold,’” O’Shei continued, “It shows our Members’ are working through all of this (the Coronavirus Pandemic) and the importance of the Made in America label.’  While ‘we have out battles’ with Sumitomo (Dunlop’s owner), ‘they are a great employer and they are looking to invest even more into our plant.’”

USW Local 135L represents slightly more than 1,000 Workers at Sumitomo, including 170 in the Skilled Trades, O’Shei said. 

While you do not specifically see the USW Union Logo in the video, it is the Union’s Membership who are praised and highlighted throughout.

The video’s announcer begins: Here’s to our Factory Workers in Buffalo, New York… To the ones who get after it early and roll in for another day of essential work… Day after day… To the ones who take pride in building the most-trusted tire in America.

The video starts out in the home of USW Member Maggione, with an alarm clock going off. 

It reads 5 a.m. 

With a pot of coffee brewing on a stove, the garage door of Maggione’s home later lifts to allow the 27-year USW Member - who has worked all that time making Dunlop Motorcycle Tires – to emerge, riding his 2015 Yamaha V-Star, equipped - of course, with Dunlop K 555 Tires.

“I ‘guess I won (being the USW featured in the video) by default,’” joked Maggione, 48 (Pictured Below/Photo Courtesy of USW Local 135L) a married father of two teenagers, “because ‘I ride a bike.’”

A camera crew of three showed up at this home, filming several scenarios of Maggione getting up and getting ready to go to work, as well as riding his bike to the Dunlop Plant.

“They ‘actually showed up a couple of time and followed me to work,’” Maggione said.  “In all ‘it was an hour-and-a-half process’ with shots of me pulling into work and at my work station.  ‘It was easier than I thought, even though I was super nervous.’  ‘In the end, I thought it was very well done.’”

What is it about pride?  Pride is the sign that reads Buffalo All-American City.  Pride is the flag that flies over our factory.  Pride is walking in, showing up and joining the people who understand that it’s not so much what we’re doing - but more of who we are doing it for.

“That was ‘heartfelt’ - seeing the ‘Buffalo - An All-American City’ sign (in the video).  ‘That was a nice touch,’” Maggione said. 

Asked what his daughter, 17, and son, 14, thought after seeing their Dad so prominently featured in the video, Maggione said: “My son ‘laughed’ at me.  My daughter thought it was ‘pretty cool.’”

At Dunlop we take great pride in the United States of America.  And, since 1920, we have taken that same pride… in the men and women who have kept our factory building… during the good times and the tough times.  Now, 100 years later, we are still here in Buffalo, New York.  Working… building… and rooting on what we know will be another exceptional American comeback.  We are the American Worker.  We are Dunlop.

“We ‘have to do more of this,’” Maggione said of his Union and employer in terms of ‘getting the word out in regards to the quality USW work and need to Buy American.’”

“We ‘all have to remember what is made here’ (in the United States),” he continued.  “That ‘it’s Union-built by our Union.’  ‘I can (building a motorcycle tire) in my sleep because I have done this for such a long time, but a lot of people don’t know (what the process is).’  ‘You don’t pour rubber into a mold.’”


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