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Vice President Pence ‘Leads An Under-The-Radar Attack’ On Unions

Published Wednesday, May 27, 2020
by John Wojcik/
Vice President Pence ‘Leads An Under-The-Radar Attack’ On Unions

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Since he took office, Vice President Mike Pence has been working with high-level backers of Republican President Trump to develop a comprehensive strategy to weaken Labor UnionsIt revolves around so-called Right-To-Work (for less) Laws that have already been rammed through numerous state legislative bodies.

Among the GOP bright lights attending the closed-door sessions with Pence - going back to as early as 2017 – then Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Pence’s role as architect of a new Federal assault on Unions is one of the topics in an excellent article that appeared in an issue of The Voice of the ILWU, which is published by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 142 in Hawaii.

The article, entitled Trump Backs Attack On Unions, delves into the history of Right-To-Work and how it has been used to bash Workers and their Unions.

After a 2017 meeting with Pence and Gingrich, it is noted, Walker bragged that he showed how “bits and pieces” of what he did in Wisconsin to “reform” Union Law and Civil Service, can be “applied at the national level.”

The advice Walker gave to the Trump Administration is to begin the attack on Organized Labor by first going after Public Workers and their Unions.

“So-called Right-To-Work Laws are designed and funded by big business to weaken Unions,” the Voice article says. “They force Unions into an impossible situation by making them legally responsible for representing all Workers in a shop, while stripping the Union’s ability to collect enough fees to cover those representation costs.  Strong Union Shops where everyone is a paying Member would be outlawed under the proposed law and replaced with ‘Open Shops’ where division, disunity and financial hardship weaken the Union and leave Workers with lower pay, meager benefits and little say over working conditions.”

Perhaps the most powerful feature of the piece is a hard-hitting section on the “ugly origins of Right-To-Work.”

The first Right-To-Work Laws, it is noted, were instituted in 1936 by a Texas organization - the Christian American Association.

The Voice describes the group as a racist outfit run by Southern oilmen and Northern industrialists.

Today, their work is continued by organizations like ALEC - the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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