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10 Reasons ‘Why’ Unions ‘Are Important’

Published Monday, March 9, 2020
10 Reasons ‘Why’ Unions ‘Are Important’

There are so many reasons why Labor Unions are important.

Many of the rights we enjoy at work have been won because of Union Campaigns.

Here are just 10 reasons:

  1. In Unity There Is Strength - Unions provide Workers with a powerful, collective voice to communicate to management their dissatisfaction and frustration.
  2.  Unions Negotiate Better Terms & Conditions - All aspects of working life should be the subject of discussion and agreement between employers and Employees under the protection of a Union. Trained Representatives of the Union lead these negotiations on behalf of Employees.
  3. You Get More Annual Leave Working In A Unionized Workplace - Unions won the right for Workers to have paid holidays.
  4. You Earn More Working In A Unionized Workplace - Union Members earn more than Non-Unionized Workers.
  5. You Get More Maternity, Paternal & Sick Leave - Unionized workplaces are much more likely to have these policies in place which are more generous than the statutory minimum.
  6. Better Job Security- Union Members are more likely to stay in their jobs longer, on average five years more than Non-Unionized Workers.
  7. You Have Someone On Your Side When You Need Them- By being a Union Member, you are always part of something bigger and have the support of the Union when you need it.
  8. Unions Fight For Equal Opportunities In The Workplace - Unions stand for equal pay and treatment and against discrimination
  9. Union Workplaces Are Safer - There are fewer accidents in Unionized workplaces.
  10. And, Unions Offer Legal Services & Advice.


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