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What A Great Idea! - Cleveland Area Boy Scouts Partner With Plumbers Local 55 JATC For Merit Badge Project

Published Sunday, February 2, 2020
by Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council
What A Great Idea! - Cleveland Area Boy Scouts Partner With Plumbers Local 55 JATC For Merit Badge Project

(CLEVELAND, OHIO) - A partnership between Cleveland area Boy Scouts Troops and the Plumbers Local 55 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) is helping Scouts earn a merit badge.

Growing up, Local 55 Training Director Jason Shank was a Boy Scout and he is proud to be able to help current scouts learn about the plumbing industry. 

In addition to helping the Scouts, the partnership also introduces parents and Scouts to the Local 55 Apprenticeship Program. 

Registered Building Trades Apprenticeship Programs are a great alternative to a four-year college degree, as they provide excellent career options, including livable wages, excellent medical insurance and retirement benefits, plus a no-cost education. 

In order for the scouts to earn their Plumbing Merit Badge, they had to complete eight hours of training, which was conducted at the Local 55 Training Center.

Training included a combination of classroom instruction, where they learn about the history of plumbing, basic plumbing systems and the components of plumbing systems, and hands-on training. 

For the hands-on portion, the Scouts were broken up into groups, who rotated between three stations, where Local 55 Apprentices were stationed to demonstrate different industry practices. 

At one station, Scouts cut, threaded and installed pipe for a hot water sink.

In the second station, Apprentices taught the Scouts how to solder joints.

At the final station, Scouts learned about different plumbing services, such as how to remove and replace a p-trap.

At the conclusion of the event, the participating Scouts earn a certificate of completion, while the proper paperwork was completed for them to earn their Plumbing Merit Badge.

The training event was based off the Boy Scouts Merit Badge Outline, which will ensure participating scouts will be able to successfully earn their Plumbing Merit Badge. 

Shank and other Local 55 volunteers are certified to inspect and sign off on the abilities of the Scouts for the necessary paperwork to obtain their merit badge.

Since 2012, the JATC has partnered with the Northern Ohio Chapter of American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) and the Cleveland Plumbing Industry to help Boy Scouts earn a merit badge.

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