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Be Counted! CSEA Members ‘Urge Everyone To Respond’ To The U.S. Census

Published Wednesday, January 29, 2020
by Suzanne Needler Via CSEA News
Be Counted! CSEA Members ‘Urge Everyone To Respond’ To The U.S. Census

CSEA Editor’s Note: Suzanne Needler, Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) Niagara County Local Recording Secretary and Niagara County Unit Vice President, discusses her involvement in taking the U.S. Census and how it’s become a family tradition:

“It’s very important that everyone gets counted in the census because it determines the representation we get in the United States Congress, which is very important to getting funding for our schools, hospitals and local areas.

For every person who is not counted, (it costs) about $2,000 per year over the next 10 years until the next census, which comes to $20,000 per person that our state does not receive over a 10-year period.

We need to count everybody and everybody gets to be counted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a citizen, an immigrant, a refugee or if you’re homeless because resources for where you live pay to help people.

People are afraid that the census will be used to seek out immigrants and find them, but the Census Bureau cannot share census responses with the public or government agencies.

I (was a Census Taker) 20 years ago when my daughter was just born.

I was off for a year with her and I took her around in a stroller.

Again, 10 years later, we went out.

Now, she’s 21 and she’ll be doing this census with her father, so it’s kind of a family tradition.

It’s just very important to be counted in the United States.

It’s very important for our representation and for funding and I believe it’s your civic duty, just like voting, to stand up and be counted.

I don’t want to lose any representation here in New York.

We need as much representation as we can and it’s determined by how many people live in your districts and your state.”

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