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Happy New Year! ‘More & More’ U.S. Companies ‘Are Forcing Workers To Train Their Own Foreign Replacements’

Published Thursday, January 2, 2020
by Axios
Happy New Year! ‘More & More’ U.S. Companies ‘Are Forcing Workers To Train Their Own Foreign Replacements’

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Opponents of job outsourcing made a Holiday Season appeal to Republican President Donald Trump: Stop U.S. companies from forcing American workers to train the very same cheaper Foreign Laborers who will soon replace them.

Why it matters: Trump promised voters he'd end abuses of Worker Visa Programs and save U.S. jobs, but as he campaigns for re-election, advocates say Trump hasn't done enough.

Driving the news: AT&T is poised to send thousands into the New Year hunting for new jobs after assigning them to train their own foreign replacements, according to conversations with current and former Workers and documents obtained by Axios.  Many have worked for the company for over a decade and they aren't being offered severance or early retirement, and may not easily find a comparable job elsewhere with similar pay.

What they're saying: Sara Blackwell, a Florida-based Lawyer who represents Americans displaced by Workers on visas or overseas, told Axios: "American Workers ‘are tired of waiting for President Trump to do something on this issue.’ ‘They’ve gone from great hope in President Trump's administration, to great discouragement.’"  She sent letters to U.S. Senator John Cornyn (Republican-Texas), Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, as AT&T is headquartered in Dallas.  She also met this month to discuss the problem with White House officials.  The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Details: Despite receiving a $3 billion tax cut last year, AT&T announced new and expanded alliances with big outsourcing companies to replace Workers with foreign or cheaper domestic talent.  Like many major U.S. companies, AT&T has been shifting jobs for years now, but 2019 was especially noteworthy, as Workers claimed that as many as 3,000 finance jobs were being outsourced to Accenture.  AT&T denied the 3,000 figure, but declined to provide Axios with its own number.  AT&T also signed multi-year deals with IBMTech Mahindra and Amdocs this year.  Accenture, IBM and Tech Mahindra were in the top 10 companies to request H-1B high-Skilled Worker Visas this year.  "We are continuously working to be more efficient in our operations," AT&T's Jim Kimberly told Axios. When possible, AT&T is "helping Employees find other positions within the company.” 

Current and former Department of Homeland Security Officials who spoke to Axios expressed frustration that more isn't being done to keep Foreign Worker Visa Programs from undercutting U.S. Workers.

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