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Illinois Training Facility Receives Recognition For National Apprenticeship Week

Published Tuesday, November 12, 2019
by Nick Molinari/
Illinois Training Facility Receives Recognition For National Apprenticeship Week

(STANORD, ILLINOIS) - For those that don’t know, this is National Apprenticeship Week.  In its honor, Normal Mayor Chris Koos and Bloomington Alderman Mboka Mwilambwe recently came together at the Illinois Laborers & Contractors Joint Apprenticeship & Training School to recognize the Stanford School Program, which offers people a route to a well-paying job.

The Stanford School is one of four facilities operated by the Illinois Laborers & Contractors in Downstate Illinois.  It was formerly the Stanford Grade School. Currently, there are 460 Apprentices enrolled in the program.

“We teach them just about everything they need to know to go out and have a productive job with benefits.  We give them a little bit of training in each division: concrete, asphalt, asbestos removal - so they’re a well-rounded Laborer,” Laborers Training Fund Administrator Ron Litherland said.

Mayor Koos says one of the main highlights of the program is having no tuition or book costs: “When you’re done with this program you don’t have ten, fifteen, ($20,000) of debt and you have a job that pays equal to what a college graduate would make.”

The program requires apprentices to complete 200 hours of classroom training, along with 1,000 hours of on-the-job experience annually.

People in the program say they enjoy the work that they do.

“You also feel good about the work that you’re doing because we’re doing the roads that our kids drive on, we’re doing schools that our kids go to and there’s a sense of pride in the jobs that we do,” Labor Apprentice Andrew Thomas said.

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