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If You Think Trump ‘Is For Workers, Then Think Again’ - Here’s How The Chamber Of Commerce’s Agenda ‘Rules’ At The Trump NLRB & ‘How It Hurts’ Workers

Published Thursday, November 7, 2019
If You Think Trump ‘Is For Workers, Then Think Again’ - Here’s How The Chamber Of Commerce’s Agenda ‘Rules’ At The Trump NLRB & ‘How It Hurts’ Workers

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - In early 2017, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce put out its Top 10 Wish List for changes it wanted to see at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  It took a little while for the NLRB to get going on the Chamber’s agenda, because Republican President Donald Trump’s corporate appointees needed to get confirmed by the Senate.  But in just two years, the Chamber is ten for ten, according to a new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) Report.

The Trump NLRB - Trump’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board and his General Counsel - have taken action on every one of the items on the Chamber’s Wish List, through a series of decisions, rulemakings and general counsel actions. 

Here’s just a few examples:

And it gets worse

The Trump Board has gone even further in weakening Workers’ Rights than even the Chamber of Commerce has advocated. 

The Trump Board has proposed rules undermining the ability of employers to voluntarily recognize a Union selected by a majority of Employees. 

And the Trump Board has proposed to strip students at private colleges and universities of their organizing and bargaining rights when they work for the university in connection with their studies.  

The Trump General Counsel has also decided Uber Drivers are not Employees with rights under the National Labor Relations Act (Advice Memo in Uber Technologies, 4/16/19). 

And it goes on and on.

Some try to chalk the Trump Board’s actions up to the flip-flop in positions that can occur when agencies change hands between Democratic and Republican Administrations, but the Trump Board’s agenda and actions go far beyond reversing Obama-era NLRB decisions.

Trump’s appointees have pushed harder and faster and have gone deeper in eroding Workers’ Rights. 

And, there’s a key difference

Appointees to the NLRB are charged with implementing and enforcing a law that is supposed to be about protecting and advancing Workers’ Rights to form and join Unions and engage in collective bargaining. 

They are not supposed to be changing the rules under a Workers’ Rights Statute to favor employers. 

This isn’t flip-flopping - this is a derogation of duty.

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