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Are You A Union Member Who Voted For Trump? Then You Need To Read This: POLITICO Gets Ahold Of A White House Memo That Details A ‘Divide-And-Conquer’ Labor Strategy

Published Tuesday, October 8, 2019
by Ian Kullgren/POLITICO
Are You A Union Member Who Voted For Trump?  Then You Need To Read This: POLITICO Gets Ahold Of A White House Memo That Details A ‘Divide-And-Conquer’ Labor Strategy

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - A senior White House Labor Adviser encouraged President Donald Trump to eliminate all job protections for Federal Workers and a requirement that federal contractors provide Paid Sick Leave for employees, according to an internal memo obtained by POLITICO.

The document, written in 2017 by James Sherk, a White House Domestic Policy Aide who was previously a research fellow at the right-leaning Heritage Foundation, said Trump should pursue a “non-traditional Labor Legislative Agenda” that would sideline Union Leaders.

“Most Rank-and-File (Private Sector) Union Members voted for (Trump), while their Unions are run by Left-wing ideologues,” Sherk wrote. “This cleavage creates an opportunity for the President to appeal to Union Members while making it more difficult for Union Executives to oppose him.”

It wasn't clear what Sherk's source was on voting by Private Sector Union Members.

Exit polls for 2016 showed that Trump won a larger proportion of Union Households - Public and Private, than any Republican Presidential Candidate since Ronald Reagan in 1984, but Democrat Hillary Clinton nonetheless won a majority of Union Households.

The 19-page document describes a detailed strategy of weakening Union Leaders - but selling it in a way that would not alienate Union Members who supported Trump in 2016.

The existence of the memo was first reported by The New York Times in July, which made reference to a recommendation for male porn actors to wear condoms as a safety precaution.

“Most actors in pornography productions do not use condoms,” the recommendation says. “This exposes them to serious risk of contracting STDs, especially AIDS.  This is a workplace hazard that OSHA should regulate.”

The Times story also noted that the memo proposed curtailing Collective Bargaining Rights and wages on Federal projects.

The majority of the memo’s contents, including some of the most potentially significant recommendations, have not been previously reported.

In a written statement, a White House spokesperson confirmed the document was used in policy deliberations - but did not comment on whether the White House’s goals have changed.

Over the past two years, Trump’s rhetoric on Unions has echoed Sherk’s recommendations.

He has repeatedly bashed Labor Leaders as greedy opportunists at rallies across the country and on Twitter, Trump has complained about the cost of Union Dues, criticized the leader of the National AFL-CIO, and said Union Leaders “rip-off their Membership - but the Members love Trump.”

The memo suggested Trump “prominently support legislation that aims to improve Private Sector Union Representation instead of curtailing it.  These proposals would be difficult for Union Executives to oppose and help brand the President a supporter of Union Members.”

Among the Union recommendations, the memo encouraged Trump to support legislation to address State Right-To-Work (for less) Laws by giving Unions the option to represent only those Workers who pay Collective Bargaining Fees.

The change would “allow the President to eliminate a major Union complaint without coercing Workers to pay dues,” the memo says.

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Question: If President Trump stated that he 'fights Unions very hard' - 'why would so many Union Households vote for a carpetbagger like Trump?' Answer: They are not knowledgeable or just plain stupid. Let's not make the same mistake in 2020 - Earl Frampton, CWA Retiree Posted by Earl Frampton on October 17, 2019 at 3:38 pm

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