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A ‘Different Kind Of Signing Day’ For These Students Looking To Build Careers In The Georgia Construction Industry

Published Sunday, August 18, 2019
by Megan Reed/ The Gainesville (Georgia) Times
A ‘Different Kind Of Signing Day’ For These Students Looking To Build Careers In The Georgia Construction Industry

(GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA) - Eight young professionals kicked off their careers with a signing ceremony, but they’re not going into athletics - they’re the first class of Apprentices at Carroll Daniel Construction.

The Gainesville-based company hopes to address a shortage of qualified Workers in construction with its new Apprenticeship Program.

The Apprentices will spend 4,000 hours doing paid training on Carroll Daniel job sites and attend courses at Lanier Technical College for two years.

When they complete the program, they will be able to get a full-time position with Carroll Daniel as a field engineer.

Brian Daniel, the company’s president, said he hopes the program can address misperceptions of the construction industry, which has faced some recruiting issues as young people feel pressured about which path to take: “As young people coming out of school, ‘there’s long been the misconception that everyone needs to go to college and get a four-year degree.’  ‘If their heart calls them to be outside and work in a fast-paced, dynamic, interesting and worthwhile career, this is a good choice.’”

The work is often rewarding too, he said.  “Individuals ‘have a lot of pride in the tangible accomplishment of what they’ve built with their hands,’” Daniel said.

Mitch Beccue, one of the Apprentices, has already been working for Carroll Daniel.  The 2018 Gainesville High School graduate started working with the company through his school’s work-based learning program, then stayed on after graduation.  Now, he hopes to finish the Apprenticeship Program to become a Field Engineer and hopefully, a Superintendent.

“I ‘like to see what I’m doing. I’m a very visual person,’” Beccue said. “When I thought about my future, ‘I thought about possibly sitting in an office and wasn’t really interested in that.’  ‘I decided I’d rather be both physically and mentally challenged and get to see the progress I’ve made throughout a project.’”

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