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Teamsters Local 237 ‘Helps Young People Explore Exciting’ Career Paths

Published Wednesday, August 14, 2019
by Naeisha Rose/
Teamsters Local 237 ‘Helps Young People Explore Exciting’ Career Paths

(NEW YORK CITY) - Teamsters Local 237, representing Workers employed by government agencies, municipalities, libraries and schools, recently welcomed its first crop of participants from the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) through the not-for-profit Road to Success this year. 

And today (Wednesday, August 14th), nine high school and college students will be honored for their hard work over the Summer at the Union’s Headquarters that located at 216 West 14th Street.  “We ‘want to learn if the experience was what they hoped for and what they were surprised to learn.’  (And) we ‘want to congratulate them for participating with us.’  ‘We were so happy to have them,’” Teamsters Local 237 Spokeswoman Phyllis Safran said,

SYEP works with small businesses, schools and not-for-profits like Road to Success to provide young adults 14 to 24 opportunities for career exploration and paid work experience.

“Road to Success runs after school programs, Summer programs and Summer Youth Employment Programs,” said Natalie Cuchel, the Co-Founder and Board Member of the not-for-profit. “Road to Success mentors young people and we meet with them every single week to help them with job readiness, resumes, financial literacy and more.”

As a leader in youth development, Road to Success partners with small businesses to help to place one to four students with a firm for SYEP. 

“We had a bunch of kids that we had ‘no’ placement for,” said Cuchel, whose not-for-profit serves 2,500 kids and young adults. “I called up (Teamsters Local 237 President) Greg (Floyd), who I worked with before, and he said, ‘Sure, I’ll take about nine or ten.’”

Local 237 President Floyd started working with SYEP students last month, assigning the young people ranging in age from 16 to 20, to different departments.

“The kids said his site ‘was engaging,’” Cuchel said. “They felt the organization ‘went above and beyond to mentor them.’”

Students got to interview different Employees at Local 237 about their careers, they went to an interview workshop, learned the history of the Union and shadowed attorneys to see how Business Agents represented Members and designed their own not-for-profit, according to Bertha Aiken, the Union’s Director of Education Training. 

Students worked in the Local’s Education Department, the Accounting Division, Legal Services, the Retiree Department and the Benefits Department, according to Aiken. 

“One of the young men wants to design glasses as his living because he really is into fashion,” Cuchel said. “Greg was able to get the guy that runs his Vision Benefits Fund to take him to where the glasses are fabricated and show him how they get made.”

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