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Via The Boston Globe: Some Employers Are Raising The Minimum Wage To $15, Four Years Early

Published Thursday, December 27, 2018
by Katie Johnston/Globe Staff
Via The Boston Globe: Some Employers Are Raising The Minimum Wage To $15, Four Years Early

(NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS) - At Salon Herdis in Northampton, the Employees are getting a special New Year’s bonus: a Minimum Wage increase to $15 an hour, up from $11.

With the sizable jump, new owner Tim Fisk is taking a bold step.  He is skipping past the new $12 Massachusetts State Minimum Wage, which takes effect January 1st, and going straight to the amount that will be required in 2023.  Fisk is raising prices on everything from haircuts to highlights to offset the increase, but he admits he’s nervous.  “Did I do the math right, number one?,” he said. “Are my clients going to get out of this what I’m hoping they get out of it or am I going to lose clientele?  Is this, in the second year of business, a dangerous thing to try?”

Many Massachusetts employers have denounced the increase to $15, which follows on the heels of a phased-in hike to $11 from $8.  Business owners say it will lead to staff cuts, higher prices or possibly even closings.

The push for a $15 Minimum Wage started in 2012 with the Fight For $15 campaign, led by Fast Food Workers in New York and quickly spread across industries and led to ballot initiatives and legislative efforts around the country.

Earlier this year, Massachusetts became the third state to authorize a statewide $15-an-hour Minimum Wage, after California and New York and Washington, D.C.

Massachusetts is one of 20 states raising its Minimum Wage on January 1st.  At $12, it will be the highest in the Nation, along with California and Washington State.

In Massachusetts, the minimum will go up gradually every year until it hits $15 in 2023.

Meantime, the Federal Minimum Wage, still in place in 21 states, remains at $7.25.

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