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WNY Area Labor Federation Organizer Chris Borgatti: "Leaders Of The Labor Movement Realize It Is ‘Critically Important To Mobilize Against Racism’”

“Normalizing Messages Of Hate And Bigotry Is ‘Not Only Wrong, It Is Anti-American And Anti-Worker,’” Borgatti Tells Niagara County Town Of Lewiston Village Board Meeting After White Supremacist Propaganda Dropped In Residences’ Driveways

Published Thursday, April 6, 2017
by Staff
WNY Area Labor Federation Organizer Chris Borgatti:

(LEWISTON, NEW YORK) – In the wake of white supremacist propaganda dropped in a number of driveways of residences in the Niagara County Town of Lewiston, and the recent emergence of a member of a violent white supremacist hate group from Texas who has been publicly speaking out here in Western New York, Organized Labor was front and center earlier this week to stand up against such hate speech and “mobilize against racism.”

Lewiston residents and concerned county residents were in attendance at the Town of Lewiston Board meeting, where many - including a representative of the Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation (WNYALF) - spoke out against the actions of an individual who has been identified as Horace Scott Lacy, who reportedly has spent decades as a dangerous leader in violent white supremacist hate groups in the State of Texas, including the Aryan Renaissance Society, White Lives Matter, and the prison gang Aryan Circle.

"Leaders of the Labor Movement realize that it is ‘critically important to mobilize against’ racism,” WNYALF Organizer Chris Borgatti, a Niagara Falls native and resident, told the board during a public hearing that was held on Monday (April 3rd) evening.  “Normalizing messages of ‘hate and bigotry is not only wrong, it is anti-American and anti-Worker and it’ plays directly into the hands’ of the ‘richest one-percent who seek to distract Americans from the growing problem of wealth inequality.’  ‘When we all stand together, we all stand in unity - we win.’"

"When you really look at it, you will see how racism plays a ‘substantial role’ in our politics, our government and you’ll see how the economy ‘connects minority concerns to the issues faced by all Workers.’  ‘When racism wins the day, all workers lose - plain and simple,’" Borgatti (Pictured Above/Courtesy of the Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation) said. 

In a posting on the Social Network Facebook that asked for those concerned in the town and county to attend the meeting, residents said their community was “horrified by the racist propaganda left in our lawns last week.” 

“White supremacists are in our neighborhood, trying to recruit us and we respond with a resounding NO.  Invite your friends and family to come support the Board's motion and show that we reject the attempts by Lacy and other white supremacists to organize in our community because we strongly believe that we as white people have mutual interest in Black liberation and racial justice,” the posting said.

The racist fliers, which were left in driveways of several homes, made statements about black-on-white crime and included the hash-tag: #AryanRenaissanceSociety.

"While I respect that each citizen can express their God-given right to speech, I also wish that divisiveness and hate will never, never succeed," said Mayor Terry Collesano, who called the fliers "repulsive."

Along with Collesano, some in the crowd also noted that the person who distributed the fliers – Lacy, who police said was located though will not face any charges, has the right to free speech. Editor’s Note: For More On This Story, View WKBW-TV/NewsChannel 7’s Report at:


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