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Western New York & Rochester Benefit From Early General Motors’ Christmas Gift - Company Announces Investment of $552 Million For Key Manufacturing Plants In Lockport, Tonawanda & Rochester

UAW Region 9 Director Terry Dittes: “This Investment Will Benefit The Communities Of These Upstate New York GM Facilities And Are Reflections Of The Local Leadership Of The UAW And General Motors And Our Great UAW Membership At These Locations.”

Published Thursday, December 15, 2016
by Labor News Services & Staff

(WESTERN NEW YORK) – United Auto Workers (UAW) Region 9 Director Terry Dittes says General Motors’ (GM) announced investment of $552 million for its key U.S. manufacturing facilities that located in the Western New York Cities of Tonawanda and Lockport and in nearby Rochester “are ‘reflections’ of the Local Leadership of the UAW and General Motors and our ‘great ‘UAW Membership at these locations.”

On Wednesday (December 14th), GM General Motors announced its investments of $552 million that also included another plant in Parma, Ohio.  GM Manufacturing and Labor Relations Vice President Cathy Clegg said: “GM remains committed to investing in its U.S. operations. With these latest projects we have announced investments of ($2.2 billion) in 2016, allowing us to support the production of future engines and vehicles.”

UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada said: "The UAW's negotiations with GM to reinvest in the Tonawanda, Rochester, Lockport and Parma plants have ‘paid off not only for our Members but also for those communities.’  Our ‘strategic bargaining efforts will keep and grow great American Auto Manufacturing Jobs in places that have seen too much manufacturing disappear and will solidify the job security our Members deserve.’" 

UAW Region 9 Director Dittes, who region encompasses Western New York and Rochester, said: “We here in UAW Region 9 want to ‘thank’ the General Motors Company for their ‘confidence’ to invest in our three New York facilities in Tonawanda, Rochester and Lockport. This investment will ‘benefit’ the communities of these Upstate New York GM facilities and are ‘reflections’ of the local Leadership of the UAW and General Motors and our ‘great’ UAW Membership at these locations.”

During a news conference that was held Wednesday at the Lockport Facility - which employs 1,100 Hourly and 200 Salaried Workers, it was announced GM would invest $31.86 million at GM Components Holdings-Lockport for future cooling components production.  The investment, anticipated to affect the facility in about two years, will help retain 320 jobs there - including 13 salaried positions, according to the company. 

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo attended another press conference that was held at GM’s Tonawanda Engine plant, where he said New York’s Empire State Development arm will provide up to $7 million in capital grants and tax credits to GM in return for the investments.

“For generations, General Motors has been an ‘important economic engine’ in New York, ‘providing world class products’ to the global market and ‘good-paying jobs’ to New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “This is ‘another example of our commitment to creating opportunity for the local economy by ensuring good-paying manufacturing jobs stay at home.’”

Overall, GM's Tonawanda Engine plant will get $295.9 million for future engine production, which will support 67 new jobs at the plant and help retain 854 jobs.  GM will also invest $5.9 million in its Rochester plant for future powertrain components, helping to retain 20 jobs. 

It is anticipated that installation of new machinery and equipment at all three plants will be completed in December of 2018, GM Officials said.

GM's investment in Western New York facilities is part of its 2015 agreement with UAW to invest $1.9 billion into its U.S. facilities. 

GM plants in New York State account for 4,200 manufacturing jobs.

The following is a breakdown of GM’s Western New York and Rochester investments:

  • In New York State: $333.66 million.
  • UAW Local 774, Tonawanda Engine - $295.9 million for future engine production; 857 retained and 67 new jobs.
  • UAW Local 686, Lockport - $31.86 million for components; 320 retained jobs (incl. 13 salaried).
  • UAW Local 1097, Rochester - $5.9 million components; 20 retained jobs.
  • And at the Parma (Ohio) Metal Center: $218 million for new presses, dies and sub-assemblies; 140 retained jobs.

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