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From Our Labor Friends North Of The Border, An Important Reminder: Think About It - What If There Were ‘No’ Unions?

Published Friday, February 26, 2016

You cannot talk about Labor History without mentioning Unions – they’ve been essential in the formation of workplace laws and standards.

But to really understand the role they play, take a minute and imagine if there were no Unions:

No Collective Bargaining - Collective Bargaining is one of the pillars of belonging to a Union, and without it Employees would not be able to negotiate their Rights, Health Benefits, Pensions and Fair Wages.  It is essential in improving Work and Living Standards for Workers and with a Union backing you – you have people to support you throughout the process.

No Union Advantage - Statistics show that Union Members earn more on average than Non-Union Workers, but these higher Wages set the bar for even Non-Unionized Workers.  Union Members earn $5.28 an hour more, on average, than Non-Union Workers - and women in a Union earn $7.10 an hour more, on average, than Non-Union.  The Union Advantage doesn’t just have to do with Wages either, Unions also set the standard for Health Care, Safety and Working Conditions.  Without the Union Advantage, all workplaces would suffer.

No Lobbying - Not only do Unions stand up for the rights of Workers within workplaces, but they also take the fight all the way to the elected officials.  Unions are always part of Social Movements and Activism whether it has to do with Human Rights or Workers Rights.  If there were no Unions, Canada – as well as in the United States, would lose a powerful voice that stands up for Workers.

Lack of Safety Standards and Training - From Construction Safety to Social Activism – Unions offer countless Training Programs for Workers within the Union.  They also set the standard for safety within the workplace by pushing for legislation, as well as pushing for more action to be taken when it comes to Mental Health Support.  Without Unions setting these standards, the quality of the workplace would go down.  In some areas of the U.S. - like in the state of Oklahoma, where Workers’ Compensation is optional for businesses to have.  There, they can opt out as long as they provide coverage for Injured Workers, showing why Unions are more important than ever when it comes to safety.

No matter how you look at it, Unions play a major role in the workplace and overall quality of life.

Imagining a Canada, or the United States, without them is hard to do - and also quiet scary.

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