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Joint Effort By The United Auto Workers & General Motors Leads To Five-Year Grant To Fund Health And Education Programs For Flint Children Impacted By Lead-Contaminated Water

Published Wednesday, February 10, 2016

(FLINT, MICHIGAN) – The United Way of Genesee County announced Tuesday (February 9) a joint effort involving the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union and General Motors, which will donate $3 million to support the increased health and education needs for the children of Flint who’ve been impacted by lead-contaminated water.

Under a five-year commitment, the funding provided by the UAW and GM to the United Way will address immediate, ongoing and growing needs of Flint children affected by lead, according to United Way of Genesee County CEO Jamie Gaskin: “This crisis has impacted ‘every’ Flint resident, most specifically children under the age of six who face a ‘long road to recovery.’  We’re outlining a framework that will support these children with things like at-home care, nutritional assistance and early childhood and supplemental education so they can continue to learn and grow.”

Experts agree providing children with developmental and nutritional programs are the best ways to mitigate the long-term effects of lead in the body.  While all children with lead poisoning need this support, specialized attention must be given to the youngest of age.  This initiative will be a comprehensive effort and will include early literature programs, universal access to preschool, nutritional needs, school nursing, before-and after-school programming, increased special education capacity and increased social, emotional and behavioral health school counselors.

“It’s important we focus on the steps we can take for the children of Flint,” said Cindy Estrada, who serves as Vice President of the UAW GM Department.  “We know this crisis requires long-term commitment that focuses on those things that Flint families can do to mitigate their exposure to tainted water.  Whether it is filters, medical care, educational resources or nutritional resources this partnership can have a ‘lasting impact.’”

UAW Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem reinforced the UAW’s community commitment: “Flint is ‘home’ to hundreds of UAW Members, their families and friends.  Our unified, multi-year grant will ‘strengthen’ this community as these families work to rebuild.”

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