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Why Do Republicans Hate Unions? Because They’re A Threat To Corporate Control

Corporations ‘Do Far More Harm’ - To Workers & To Society At Large - Than Unions ‘Could Ever Do,’ Yet Republicans Fight Unions As If They Were The ‘Scourge Of The Earth’

Published Sunday, February 7, 2016
by Jake Johnson/

Unions have been fiercely attacked since their emergence in the United States during the Industrial Revolution.

While it is true that Labor Unions have had their own set of unique and troubling problems, ranging from insufficient organization to outright corruption, the most harrowing opposition they’ve faced throughout history has been from the business class and the government, from powerful capitalists like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller to presidents like Woodrow Wilson during the Red Scare and Ronald Reagan throughout his time in office.

Attacks on Unions have taken various forms - from strange propaganda about the menace of Big Labor, to accusations of communism, to using the police force to stamp out Strikes, to firing Workers who protest Low Wages and terrible Working Conditions.

But, regardless of how they approach them, it is abundantly clear that many businesses and pro-business politicians see Unions as a serious threat to their interests - which is correct.

The political wing most opposed to Unions is, unsurprisingly, the Republican Party.

As Paul Waldman observes, Republicans hate Unions so much that they’re willing to fight against a corporation if it’s Union-Friendly.

Unions, in a fundamental sense, give Workers a voice.

Without the ability to organize, Workers are isolated and subject to the whims of their masters - the bosses, the managers, the CEOs.

Unions help Workers to fight for decent Wages, safe Working Conditions and fair hours.

They help Workers fight for the benefits they need and deserve.

All of the above is why today’s so-called Conservative Politicians, for the most part, despise Unions, and wish, much like Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and GOP New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, to do away with them entirely.

The disdain Republicans show for Labor Unions is one of the most telling signs of their utter subservience to corporate interests.

They want corporations to have complete control over their Workforce.

They want them to have the ability to exploit Workers for more hours, while paying them less and granting them fewer benefits, allowing executives to reap the gains of increased productivity without paying the costs - all in the name of the American Dream, of course.

But for obvious reasons, the discussion of Unions is never framed in this way.

Republicans understand that, if they say the above, they will lose support among much of their Working Class Base, who deal with the same problems as the Working Class Base of the left: stagnation of wages, reduction of benefits and so on.

So, they, along with their corporate partners, have to peddle absurd propaganda, over-inflating the problems of Unions, ensuring Workers that Unionization hurts them in the long run.

They relentlessly push the idea of Right-To-Work (for less), a phrase Orwell would have appreciated.

Right-To-Work Laws essentially state Workers can reap the benefits of Unions fighting for higher Wages and more Benefits, but they don’t have to pay Union Dues.

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