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Recall Walker Update: Signed Recall Petitions To Recall Anti-Worker/Anti-Union Republican Governor Scott Walker Hits The 300,000 Mark In Just The First 12 Days

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:00 pm
by National AFL-CIO News Now Blog Reporter Mike Hall

In just 12 days, more than 300,000 Wisconsin voters have signed petitions to hold a recall election of Anti-Worker/Anti-Union Republican Governor Scott Walker. 

The 60-day window to gather 540,000 signatures to qualify for an election ends January 17th.

United Wisconsin, the coalition that is spearheading the recall movement, says volunteers have been collecting signatures “on street corners and near shopping malls, they’ve knocked on their neighbor’s doors and set up drive-through recall stations alongside busy roads, and they’ve worked hard through the wind and the rain, the snow and the cold.”

Read more from United Wisconsin here.

Walker’s support has been nose-diving since he rammed through legislation that eliminated Collective Bargaining Rights for Public Employees and made huge budget cuts to Education, Health Care and other vital Working Family Services.

Walker’s also attacked voting rights and cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

In addition, Walker, who claims his Anti-Worker Agenda is really a jobs-creation plan, is presiding over an economy that’s shedding jobs.

In October, Wisconsin led the nation in the number of jobs lost and has seen its unemployment jump from 7.3% in May, when Walker claimed he had fixed the economy, to 7.7% in October. 

Read more here from the Cap Times.

As Kenosha resident Robert Koehen told Wisconsin’s Labor Paper: “Walker is ruining Wisconsin.  I don’t like recalls.  But this time I will make an exception.”


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