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Sunday Labor Column: Major Workers’ Appreciation Day Event Set For Saturday, December 10th In Downtown Buffalo & The Niagara-Orleans AFL-CIO Labor Council Seeks Nominations For Its Annual ‘Union Champions At Work’ Award

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Published Sunday, November 27, 2011 9:00 pm
by Tom Campbell/Editor-Publisher
Sunday Labor Column: Major Workers’ Appreciation Day Event Set For Saturday, December 10th In Downtown Buffalo & The Niagara-Orleans AFL-CIO Labor Council Seeks Nominations For Its Annual ‘Union Champions At Work’ Award

News, Notes & A Bunch Of Observations Made While Covering The Western New York Labor Community Over The Past Several Days And Rebounding From A Very Big Plate Of Thanksgiving Turkey, Stuffing, Green Beans, Potatoes, Cranberries And Pumpkin Pie:


Final touches are being put on a major Workers’ Appreciation Day event, which will be held on Saturday, December 10th at a yet decided time in Downtown Buffalo.  Representatives from the Western New York AFL-CIO Area Labor Federation and the Buffalo AFL-CIO Central Labor Council say the event, which is being coordinated through the Occupy Buffalo Movement, will show its appreciation for all Working People in the City of Buffalo – both Union and non.  The theme of the event is: We Are 99% Strong.  We represent the Workforce Across America.  We Invest In Our Children’s Education.  We Pay Our Fair Share Of Taxes.  Now It’s Time For the 1% To Pay Theirs. will provide our Viewers/Readers will more information on the planned event as it becomes available, but in the meantime – keep the date open and take part in this special event that rightfully honors Working People.


In a similar event scheduled by Organized Labor in New York City on Thursday (December 1st), the New York City AFL-CIO Labor Council is sponsoring a major Workers’ March in Manhattan to draw public and national attention to the importance of Working People across the United States.  Says New York City Central Labor Council Vincent Alvarez: As the Holiday Season approaches, it’s a bittersweet time for the Labor Movement.  Even as we celebrate our recent win in Ohio – a resounding victory over an anti-worker Bill that sought to eliminate Collective Bargaining Rights – there are still too many people without work, and too many who went hungry as our Nation celebrated Thanksgiving.  There are 14 million unemployed in America, while the richest 1% has tripled its wealth over the past 30 years.  Every day, we see Hard-Working Families struggling to get by.  The Labor Movement will never be satisfied when so many Working-Class People find themselves shut out of The American Dream.  That’s why we’re organizing a massive march on Thursday, December 1st.  It's not just for the Labor Movement, but for everyone who’s frustrated and worried about the growing economic disparity in this country. The March for Jobs and Economic Fairness on December 1st is a call to action and a show of unity.  We will march down Broadway from Herald Square to Union Square and fill the street from curb to curb so government and big business get our message: Enough is enough!  It's time to end the unfair economic policies in this country that benefit too few and leave everyone else behind.  While we gave thanks during the Thanksgiving weekend, let’s give thanks where thanks are due - to everyday Working Americans across this country who labor to educate our children, run our transport and highway systems, maintain our bridges, construct and service our office buildings, high rises, and hotels, and keep our cities safe.  See you Thursday. 


The Niagara-Orleans AFL-CIO Central Labor Council is looking for nominations for its annual Union Champions At Work Award, which is presented to involved and committed Unionists who are not only involved in their local Union, but who also play a role in making the Niagara-Orleans Region a better place to live and work.  Those chosen will be honored at the Niagara/Orleans Labor Council’s Annual dinner meeting in January.  The Niagara-Orleans Central Labor Council’s Community Services Committee requires anyone making a nomination provide the Council with that individual’s name and address, as well as the name of the contact person who is making the nomination, in addition to specific examples of that individual’s involvement in their Union and/or community service activities.  Nomination forms are being made available through the Niagara-Orleans Central Labor Council and can be obtained through United Way of Greater Niagara/Niagara-Orleans AFL-CIO Central Labor Council Labor Liaison Bill Jakobi, who can be contacted at 716-285-8461/434-1190 or via e-mail  The nomination forms should be submitted to the Labor Council no later than Friday, December 30th.

Jakobi, meanwhile, forwarded to a link to a very positive and recent profile story on National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (pictured below) in Esquire Magazine, that was entitled: Richard Trumka, American/The American worker has been getting thrashed for thirty years. Jobs leaving the country, wages flat, his boss getting rich. One coal miner from Pennsylvania knows exactly what to do about it.  Click here to go to the story:


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