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The Civil Service Employees Association & The Public Employees Federation React To The Announced Contract Agreement Between New York State And Council 82 Of The New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union

CSEA & PEF Union Leaders Say “The Agreement In No Way Sets The Groundwork For Continuing Talks” & That The Unions “Will Negotiate In Good Faith With New York State That Fairly Addresses Its Fiscal Situation”

Published Wednesday, April 13, 2011 8:00 pm
by NYS Labor Newswire & Staff

(ALBANY) – Council 82 of the New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union announced today the Union has reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract with New York State.  The yet-to-be ratified agreement calls for no wage increases during the life of the contract and Union Members would have to pay more for their Health Care Coverage.  However, Council 82 Members would receive - under the agreement - retroactive raises for the past six years, which total nearly 18%.  On the flip side, contributions for Health Care Premiums would rise from 10% to 20% for individual coverage and from 25% to 35% for family coverage, according to information posted on Council 82’s website (direct linked at:

The Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) and the Public Employees Federation (PEF) reacted to news of the Council 82 contract by releasing statements saying “the agreement in no way sets the groundwork for continuing talks” and that the Unions would “negotiate in good faith that fairly addresses the state's fiscal situation.”

Danny Donohue, president of the CSEA - New York's Leading Union that represents nearly 300,000 members in every part of New York State in the Public and Private Sector - said: "(New York Governor Andrew) Cuomo Administration's agreement with Council 82 represents a settlement with a very small number of specific State Law Enforcement Officers who haven't had a contract for six years.  CSEA will continue to negotiate in good faith at the bargaining table on an agreement that will fairly address the State's fiscal situation, while respecting the needs of the sixty-six-thousand CSEA members who deliver a wide range of essential services to the people of New York every day."

Kenneth Brynien, president of the PEF - New York State's second-largest State-Employee Union that represents 58,000 professional, scientific and technical employees - released the following statement: PEF “is very familiar with the tentative contract agreement announced today between Council 82 and the State of New York.  The State offered PEF a similar proposal.  PEF has not accepted the State’s initial offer because it would impose an unfair burden including long-term hardships on our members and their families.  The State’s proposal would require an average PEF member to give up as much as ten-thousand dollars in salary and benefits every year of the contract.  Additionally, the State made it clear that accepting these concessions would not ensure PEF members would not be laid off anyway.  PEF has a counter proposal on the table that would achieve the savings the State needs for this fiscal year.  We are willing to accept short-term hardships for what may very well be a short-term fiscal crisis.  The Council 82 agreement in no way sets the groundwork for our continuing negotiations.  It should be noted that the bargaining unit that agreed with the governor represents less than one-percent of the State Workforce and is a very specialized unit that has been working without a contract since 2005."


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