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Also: Don’t Forget The Niagara-Orleans Labor Council’s Annual Meeting And Awards Dinner On January 16th, Become A National AFL-CIO Message Mover & Western New York Labor Leader Dan Boody Seems To Be Enjoying His Retirement

Published Monday, December 31, 2012 2:00 pm

News, Notes & A Bunch Of Observations Made While Covering The Western New York Labor Community Over The Past Several Weeks:

First off – Happy New Year! from – Western New York’s Regional, On-Line Labor Newspaper – and Western New York Labor News… NOW! – The Area’s Labor News Television Program.  In many respects the Year 2012 was a good one for many, but 2013 will bring with it many challenges – especially for Working People, both Union-Represented and Non.  It will be a year of continuing to fend off and defeat the attacks by those who seek to take away a variety of Workers’ and Collective Bargaining Rights, as well as a heightened need for Workers to not only educate themselves to what is really going on, but make a conscious decision to get involved in the process in order to bring about a variety of end-results that will benefit the Labor Movement, Organized Labor, Labor Unions and Union Members alike. and Western New York Labor News… NOW! are both dedicated to being Organized Labor’s Media Vehicle here in Western New York.  And we will continue to report on and publish a variety of Labor News Stories that unfortunately do not appear in the Mainstream Media.  We will also continue to focus a spotlight on the good things Labor Unions and their Members are doing and accomplishing not only here in our area, but across New York State and the entire Nation.  As – unbelievably – heads into our sixth year in April of providing you with the latest in Labor News, we remain dedicated to standing up for Working People and providing a Communications Outlet that so few Labor Markets across the entire United States have in their own backyards.  With that said, and again, our Best Wishes to You and Yours for a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year!

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And speaking of Western New York Labor News… NOW!, here’s what will be featured on the January 2013 Program, which can be viewed for free off’s Front Page beginning later this week:

·       We’ll take you to the Buffalo Suburb of Cheektowaga where the Xylem Company is doing what so many other American Companies should be doing - they’re bringing American Jobs back from Overseas without the benefit of any monetary incentives from the Federal Government.  We’ll also talk to United Steelworkers Representatives about the great Labor-Management Relationship the Union has with the Company.

·       Then it’s off to Buffalo’s East Side where the City’s once-grand Central Terminal is being restored.  But while the Project has been in the local news a lot as of late, you may not know that several Retirees from Sheet Metal Workers Local 71 are literally helping breathe New Light into the Restoration Project.  Without the benefit of any original plans, Local 71 Retirees have donated their time and are providing their Quality Craftsmanship to recreate several Sconce Light Replicas based on Provided Photos and Dimensions from the Originals that were – unbelievably - found in Hong Kong.

·       Then we head to Orchard Park to detail plans by the Buffalo AFL-CIO Central Labor Council to fund and complete a Memorial at Chestnut Ridge Park that will honor Area Workers who’ve lost their lives while On-The-Job or because of Workplace Illnesses.  The Buffalo Memorial will be similar to what the Niagara-Orleans AFL-CIO Labor Council has successfully accomplished in Niagara Falls, which - for years - annually honors those Union Workers who might otherwise be forgotten.

·       And finally, during the past couple of years the National AFL-CIO has stepped up its efforts to attract and involve more Young Unionists under the Age of 40 in the Labor Movement.  Here in Western New York, a Young Unionist Chapter has been created.  It’s called Western New York NextUP – and, in a very short period of time, is not only growing, but involving itself and its Members in a variety of efforts beneficial to Labor Unions and all Working People.


On another note, we wanted to make you and your Union aware of’s Brand New News Widget, which we’re offering free-of charge for placement on your Union’s Website.  It provides Labor Unions and their Members with the Latest in Western New York Labor News, as well as Labor News from across New York State and the U.S.  It also provides Direct Links to, our New Labor News TV Program: Western New York Labor News… NOW!, and our Social Network/Facebook Page.  To add's News Widget to your Website… simply copy and paste the code that appears below so it can appear on a Page on your Website:


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Let us know what you think and if your Union has uploaded our News Widget, because we’d like to stay on top of who’s doing so.  On another front, stay tuned for another New and Exciting Communications Technology Offering from in the coming weeks.

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On that note, if your Union is interested in making your Membership aware of Western New York Labor News… Now!, can e-mail you a Specially-Created, Full-Color Flier (Pictured Below) for your Union to either send out in an e-mail to your Individual Members and/or post in your Union Hall.  Just contact Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell at and we’ll send it your way.



Did you see this from National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka?: I'm sure Michigan's been on your mind.  It certainly has been on mine.  Though Tea Party Extremists and their Right-Wing Millionaire Friends were able to force through attacks on the Middle Class, the People of Michigan stood up in historic ways.  They know Republican Governor Rick Snyder and the Legislators who voted with him care more about Campaign Donations from Rich People than about their Constituents.  But we still have a lot of work to do to cut through the decades of lies and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to demonize Nurses, Firefighters, Teachers and other Hard-Working People.  We’re fighting back against the negative stories the National News Media is putting out about our Movement by establishing a Message Movers Team - Folks who are willing to push back against biased stories about Unions through Social Media and E-Mail.  It’s been an inspiring year.  When faced with disgusting Political Pandering and unwarranted attacks, Families from California to Maine have fought back, occupied and stood up.  We’ve streamed by the tens of thousands into State Capitols and Organized in the Face of Oppression, for Stronger Communities, Better Schools, Workers’ Rights and Good Jobs for everyone. This is what the Labor Movement has been about since its inception, and it’s a Proud Tradition we must carry on.  I’m tired of hearing stories twisting the truth about Working Families planted by greedy CEOs, the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and other Right-Wing Extremists and their Front Groups.  They're happy to throw us under the bus to consolidate their own Political Power and Wealth.  The truth - what they try hard to hide on Fox News and Talk Radio - is we are the People rebuilding the World Trade Center and helping to change lives, like aiding those with Visual Impairments through the Guide Dogs of America ProgramWe are the ones who pull people from burning buildings or respond to disasters like Hurricane Sandy.  We are the ones who provide food, gifts or a helping hand to Families during the Holiday Season.  We are the People who built this Country, defend it and who make it run every day.  We know the 1% will keep using their vast money and power to continue this stale narrative.  But, as this past year has shown, money only goes so far.  Working together we can cut through their deceptive narrative and make sure people know what being a Union Member is really about.  Become a Message Mover and change the conversation with us:

And a reminder from the Niagara-Orleans AFL-CIO Central Labor Council: Remember the Council’s Annual Meeting &Awards Dinner that will be held on Wednesday, January 16th, at the Lewiston Fire Hall, which is located at 1705 Saunders Settlement Road in Niagara Falls.  Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and Dinner will be served at 6 p.m.  During the Dinner, the Niagara-Orleans Labor Council will present its Annual Union Champion at Work Awards and Earl A. Frampton Community Service Award.  The Union Champions At Work Award is given to a Union Person who is and or has been committed to the Labor Movement with his or hers Local Union and for their continuous support in helping to make their Community a better place to live and work.  For more information, contact Niagara-Orleans AFL-CIO Labor Council’s Bill Jakobi at the United Way of Greater Niagara at 716-216-4582 or by e-mail


And finally, I had the opportunity to get together with Dan Boody, who seems to be enjoying his retirement from being the long-time Business Manager of the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 4, over the Christmas Holidays.  Boody, who always enjoys a good cigar, is making very good use of some Vinyl Billboard Coverings that were used several months ago to publicly congratulate him on his retirement from DC 4.   Dan wrapped them around his back porch at his Suburban Buffalo home in Clarence to create an Outdoor Smoking Room.  Aided by an Outdoor Heater, Dan, his Family and Friends were able to enjoy their ‘gars over the Holiday Week.  Smart move Dan!  And please accept our Long Ash Wishes from and Western New York Labor News… NOW! for a Tremendous New Year!  Cheers… 

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