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The Huffington Post Reports Walmart Black Friday Strike Being Organized On-Line For Stores Across The U.S.

Published Saturday, November 10, 2012 11:00 am
by The Huffington Post

Black Friday, which occurs the day after Thanksgiving and is regarded as one of the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year, may be dramatically different this year.

Organizers are planning a Nationwide Strike against Walmart, the Largest Retailer in the World, and are banking on a New Strategy: On-Line Organizing.

Labor Organizers are working with the Social Action Non-Profit Engage Network, as well as the Corporate Watchdog Non-Profit Corporate Action Network, to pull off what they’re calling a Viral (meaning National and spreading On-Line) Strike.

Walmart Workers interested in joining the day of action are directed to this website, either to find a store near them with an Organized Strike or to Adopt An Event at a Store near them.

Brian Young, who is a Co-Founder of the Corporate Action Network, said on a Conference Call coordinated by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union late this week, that Organizers cannot cover the roughly 4,000 WalMarts across the Country, but enabling Self-Appointed Leaders On-Line has widened and decentralized the Campaign.

Supporters can also sponsor a Striking Worker, who may be losing Wages in order to Strike, by donating Grocery Gift Cards.  The Campaign has raised more than $13,500 worth of donations toward Grocery Gift Cards since October 15th - a figure that doesn't include significant funds raised through mailed-in checks, UFCW Representative Jamie Way told HuffPost.

The Campaign is also Mobilizing Strikers and Supporters through a Facebook App, multiple Facebook Pages, and a Tumblr and Twitter offering with the hashtag #walmartstrikers.

"This On-Line Mobilization, in addition to Traditional On-The-Ground Organizing, has allowed the Campaign to reach into the Rural Corners of the Country that might have otherwise been overlooked," Marianne Manilov, a Co-Founder of the Engage Network, said.

She pointed to a group of Renegade Workers in Oklahoma who mobilized in October: "A completely unorganized set of Workers in Oklahoma spontaneously went out on Strike and held their own type of action without any organizer or connection with the broader organization.  This is what organizing looks like in the Age of Occupy."

The outreach leading up to Black Friday follows a series of unprecedented actions taken by Walmart Workers against their Employer and Working Conditions.

In October, for the first time in the Company's 50-year history, more than 70 Workers at multiple Los Angeles-area WalMart Stores walked off the job, even though their Jobs are not protected by an official Union.  The strike had a ripple effect, causing Strikes in 12 other Cities, in large part through On-Line Organizing. Editor’s Note: You can read the rest of this Labor Report by clicking on the following direct link:


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