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Union Retiree News From The Alliance For Retired Americans: Single Retirees Often Face Extra Challenges & Parts Of Wisconsin's Controversial Anti-Collective Bargaining Law Are Struck Down

Published Sunday, April 8, 2012 9:00 pm
by Alliance For Retired Americans

Single Retirees Often Face Extra Challenges

The Wall Street Journal blogged recently about the financial difficulties that many Single Retirees face late in life at  Rising numbers of Older Adults are finding themselves single - almost half (43%) of Americans who are 65 or older, according to a 2011 U.S. Census Bureau Report.  In that age group, 27% are widowed, 12% are divorced or separated, and 4% never married.  Mid-life divorce is on the rise: the Think Tank BMO Retirement Institute estimates that 44% of U.S. marriages will end before the couple’s 30th anniversary.  Retirees who find themselves suddenly single face one significant disadvantage: Their income typically drops without their partner’s Social Security or Pension, but many expenses stay fixed.  Examples: rent or mortgage, property taxes, home maintenance and repairs, car and gas, and utilities.  And they may incur new costs replacing chores done by their partner, such as lawn-mowing, tax preparation or cooking.  So what’s a Single Retiree to do? B e vigilant about making sure you’re balancing income and expenses, BMO says.  When your expenses are outpacing your income, they recommend trying to make changes rather than draw down on reserves.  They suggest downsizing your housing, sharing a home with friends or lightening your insurance coverage.


Parts Of Wisconsin's Controversial Anti-Collective Bargaining Law Are Struck Down

Two parts of the controversial Wisconsin Law that severely curbs Collecting Bargaining Rights have been overturned by a Federal Judge, giving a partial victory to Union Members, Retirees and Activists who’ve struggled to retain their rights.  The two parts struck down would have banned Public Workers from allowing Union Dues to be taken out of their paychecks and required Annual Recertification Votes agreed upon by all Members in order to stay organized.  “Retirees and Workers have really stuck together to go up against Governor Scott Walker,” said Edward Coyle, who serves as Executive Director of the Alliance. “Retirees know how important Collective Bargaining is - the better you work, the better you retire.”  Wisconsin Elections Officials say nearly 901,000 signatures were collected on petitions to recall Republican Governor Walker from office, more than enough for an election to be ordered.  A Primary for that election is set for May 8th, followed by a General Election on June 5th.  At least three Democrats are running for Governor, making a primary likely.  Recall drives against Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and four GOP State Senators were launched in response to the Anti-Collective Bargaining Law the Governor and the Republican-led Legislature enacted last year.


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