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What Is Your Biggest Worry Now That Donald Trump Has Been Elected President?

Posted by: Tom Campbell on Monday, November 14, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

What Is Your 'Biggest Worry' Now That Donald Trump Has Been Elected President?


I have to say that my largest concern/worry about a Trump presidency is the appointment of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. From listening to him during the debates, he spoke about his support of the now-deceased Justice Scalia and the need to replace his spot with a 'likewise' justice. The attack on Unions will forever continue, but more at the 'historic foundations' of the Labor Movement. Like all foundations, with 'multiple cracks and erosion' - the 'house is certain to fall.' The Friedrich's vs. California Teachers Federation case is a 'clear example' of the attack on Public Sector Union's financial base - and with 20 such cases pending - one will 'for sure' go to the U.S. Supreme Court - 'with support' from a Trump appointee. The, of course, comes the fight for a National Right-To-Work (for less) Law, which will - of course - feature a 'dramatic attack' on Private Sector Unions' financial strength. Changes to the NLRB as terms expire will be placed with people who are 'more supportive' of corporations. Henceforth, 'pro-corporate changes' for leadership positions with OSHA, the DEC, the DOL and others is 'scary.' For the 'salvation' of the Labor Movement, the mid-term elections in Congress to vote in Pro-Union, Pro-Worker Class people 'is critical,' but it will also take 'strong, progressive' Labor Leaders with the 'solidarity and support' of the Memberships through 'real' education via communication. For me, this is the 'greatest value' of The 'education is here' to learn from - like getting people to vote. We need many more people to 'read' this on-line Labor Newspaper. And those Labor Leaders who are 'not willing' to take this responsibility either 'need to retire' or 'simply get out of the way!'
Posted by: Dan Boody on November 19, 2016 at 8:18:56 am

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